Identifying an Addiction and How to Start the Recovery Process

Alcohol or drug addiction is a warning signal that indicates people to keep a check on the addict. There are many addicts who have been living their life without projecting any signs of addiction tendencies. But there are signs which will help you know that your children or any other family member is an alcohol or drug addict and needs a rehab recovery.

The first sign of addiction is dilated or red eyes along with slurred speech. In addition to this the addict may develop cold and sweaty hands and would experience difficult in concentrating in anything. The other signs of addiction may be noticed by seeing the behaviours of these addicts and it includes moodiness, impatience, dangerous or violent tendencies and actions. Other things that can be observed are extreme acts of energy in weird behaviours like fatigue, dancing and talking. Paranoia is an effect that is noticeable which confirms the fact that the person is an alcohol or drug addict. In this condition the person will disregard or decrease his attention from his appearance and personal hygiene. If you want to find the signs of addiction in your child then you may notice obvious dishonesty, accumulating depression and change in friends group. At the time of identifying the signs of addiction, it is vital to know that the use of drug or alcohol manifests from different behavioural inconsistencies and changes and there are a lot of communalities between them.

Isolation is a behavioural change that many addicts resort to as they will be withdrawn emotionally and escapes to a place that is quiet and dark. The person also loses interests in activities and hobbies in which he or she usually participated before. Mood swings are also a very common sign that is noticed in the addicts. The various moods of an addict include irritability, fatigue, depression, anxiety and sweating which will change drastically from one moment to another.

After finding the signs of addiction, the first step is to admit the existence of the problem. Even though it is a difficult task but the reward on acceptance outweighs the price you may have to pay for not disclosing the fact to the addict. You can also opt for rehab recovery where the initial step will be detoxification which is done only in the presence of medical personnel. Detox will help the alcohol or drug to get out of your system but even now the person may be addicted to the drug or alcohol. Thus you will need to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the addict where the drug or alcohol abuse triggers and stressful situations are reduced. This will require a supportive and strong environment where the addict does not feels isolated or alone.

The other steps which an addict can resort to include:

Attending drug or alcohol addiction support meetings

Getting a sponsor who will help and counsel the addict when he or she feels the urge of taking drugs or drinking alcohol

A supportive network of many other recovering addicts

A therapist who helps and specializes in drug and alcohol addiction and who helps the addict through out the recovery process