Negative Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone is noted as being a steroid hormone. It’s found in different species, including men and women. In men, testosterone is generally secreted and found in the testicles. Testosterone is also known as being a primary male sex hormone, and plays a vital role in the development of male reproductive tissues i.e. the testicles and prostate. Specific characters that take shape due to testosterone include, but are not limited to: muscle, bone mass, and body hair. Testosterone can be administrated and assists men who don’t naturally produce enough hormones on their own. However, like with anything else in life, there can be negative side effects to taking too much testosterone.

The Simple Side Effects

First, it’s important to know that there are a few side effects, though negative, that shouldn’t cause too much panic or worry. These effects sometimes even have the possibility of going away on their own, or without professional assistance. A few examples of simple or non-serious side effects include: weakness, dizziness, acne, tingling and burning sensations throughout the body, slight pain throughout the body, and more. Again, though these issues shouldn’t be completely ignored, there is no reason to panic when experiencing the above side effects.

The More Dangerous Side Effects

Of course, there are other side effects that arise do to consuming too much testosterone. These side effects are more serious and should be dealt with immediately. The more serious side effects that can erupt due to the fact of over indulging in testosterone include, but are not limited to: pain in the testicles, blistering and itchy skin, rapid or slow heartbeats, bloody stools, nervousness, headaches, and more. Though these effects should cause more panic, it is also important to understand and be familiar with the dangerous effects testosterone could have on the subject that is fertility.

Fertility Side Effects

If you are trying to conceive a child, then it is very important to be aware of your sperm count. The facts and numbers of sperm count are important, and can be negatively affected when consuming too much testosterone. More specifically, the testicles will stop producing testosterone if testosterone is being put into the body externally. This later could result sperm being unable to be produced. If taking testosterone is important, then a reliable option could be to visit a sperm bank to deposit a specimen before consuming testosterone.

Not only can semen be affected by too much testosterone, but the chance of overdosing is also a possibility. Other serious issues that could arise are blindness and blurry vision, seizures inability to speak, and severe weakness in the legs and arms. If these effects occur, then it is vital to make an appointment with your local doctor, and in some cases, visit the emergency room.

Though testosterone is already produced and emitted through the body (in males, the testicles), there are times when one might need a testosterone treatment or consume it for various reasons. It is important to understand the negative side effects of consuming too much testosterone, and the consequences that go along with doing so.